Hiatus officially over!

I haven't been posting very much!  I was studying at Cornell for a little bit, working on a research project, and then I was at Blue Sky (!) in the R&D group building tools for the surfacing department and fiddling with Blue Sky's renderer.

I'm glad to have had both of those opportunities, but they kept me too busy to really push any outside work.  I was also having some personal difficulties but those are solved now too!

SO, I'm starting a project with my good friend Zia!  I'm going to try to post somewhat often about it.

We're kind of doing this for fun, so we want something really happy and colorful.  So, we decided on creating the house/study of a botanist.  The main architectural reference we're using is

We like the idea that the botanist loves his work so much that he is slowly converting his home into a green house.  Our adviser for the project suggested greenhouses as a point of reference, and we really liked the idea.

So we're hard at work right now working on the big set pieces and layout for the scene.  Here is what we have tentatively as the main angle for the scene.

The idea being that, inspired by the slanted windows on the ceiling, our botanist is slowly converting his home into a green house.  So those gaps in the walls will be covered with a lattice of windows!!