A few updates

First of all, here is an update lamp scene.  I decided to go with a cave scene ala Aladdin instead of an interior carpeted scene that I originally was working on.  I think it's turning out pretty good, but we'll see how the animation looks.  I'm a bit nervous about syncing the camera movements between Vray and Mitsuba, but in the worst case I'll have to manually script the camera movements in Vray.  I don't think I'll need to do that though, because I'm using linear interpolation in Mitsuba, and setting the animation curve tangents to linear in Maya should do the same thing.  But we shall see...

I have one more update, but it is pretty minor.  I showed my picnic scene to my friend Zia and she immediately called out the scale of the scene.  It was true that it was all messed up.  So I went back and re-examined the scene, and realized that the problem was the pitcher and cups.  So I adjusted the tableware and re-rendered the animation (all 4 passes!!).