Garden scene tests

I'm starting a different project again....I was browsing deviantart and found this - 

from user Rozefire, and thought that it would be fun to make a similar scene in 3D.  I've been tampering with how to model and texture that bush in the front right as a proof of concept that I could make something that would look good.

Here's what I've come with up so far:

I think I like the purple color scheme better, but I'll have to get further into the scene before I can really decide.  Now, I think I'll give a short explanation of how I made the geometry, and then a bit about the texture I'm using.

I started with this base shape

and then defined a "coarse" version of the bush, which in reality was just a cube molded into the basic shape of the bush.  Then, I wrote a quick script to duplicate that base geometry a number of times, spreading it through the region that the cube defined at various sizes and orientations.  I'm actually surprised it worked out as well as it did.

As for the texture, I got a base "water color-y" texture and manipulated it a bit in photoshop.

Bark texture

Purple leaf texture

Red leaf texture
I think this is a pretty good start for this project.  And if you're reading this and have some suggestions, please do let me know.  I make these posts partly for myself so I can look back on some of my work, but I also would like to - at some point - get feedback via this blog.