Gallery - Bubbles v1.1.2

I'm really pleased with how this is turning out.  I felt like I was settling on the materials for the champagne and bottle.  In all honesty I hacked them together, and it showed.  I investigated further and found how mistuba could represent colored glass.  I eventually wound up on Wenzel's devblog.  (Wenzel wrote mitsuba fyi).  And way back on version like 0.2.1 or something he mentioned colored glass explicitly.  So I went and found the plugin he was talking about and it turns out that it's quite intuitive to do.  You make a dielectric material (if you don't what that is, just think of it as glass), and then add a material to it that absorbs parts of the visible spectrum.  And voila, you're done.  I think it looks quite a bit better.  Now I just need to decide on the size of the bubbles (they get smaller to larger as you move left).

I'm still not sure about the color on the bottle quite yet either.  Too blue I think.