Bridge update - minor fixes

I fixed the scale of the white flowers on the right, as well as the scale of the water texture.  I also added a texture to the rocks.

Edit: For a bit of a technical detail here, if you look really closely, you can see a weird texture error in this image.  Here is a zoomed in image, 

If you look at the water, you can see that there is a texture that sort of looks like construction paper or something.  This is due to not having enough samples using a specific sampling pattern referred to as sobol.  Here is sort of what the pattern looks like:

It is honestly pretty hard to see, but once you see it you can't really not see it.  The pattern goes away when you increase the samples for the integrator within mitsuba.  I just need to remember to do that before I upload stuff here!

Edit again: I had to upload a better image, since I kept noticing artifacts from the low sample rate.

If you look at the two images side by side they actually are quite different.