PennApps Project - Cartesia

This weekend, I participated in PennApps, which is a hackathon that UPenn hosts.  I worked with 3 other DMD students to make an webapp that graphs surfaces of revolution, line integrals, and vector fields.  The idea behind this project was the fact that certain mathematical problems are extremely hard to visualize (for me, line integrals don't make sense without seeing a picture).  We wanted to make an app that could animate these things as you entered the parameters and functions.  With less than 2 days, however, we only made it to the point where we could graph 3 of our planned 6 problems.  We do plan on continuing this project though (as if we all aren't overly busy as it is).

A screenshot from Cartesia showing a line integral

In terms of technology, this is built on Three.js and Mathbox.js. It does not animated yet, but (hopefully) that will be here before summer.

Link to the actual app for those who are interested