Ray tracing infinity

So I'm working on a renderer/modeling software thing. The plan is to have CPU and GPU implementations of ray and path tracing.  Right now I have basic bare bones CPU versions of both, and have ported the ray tracer to the GPU.

Below is the first interesting render I have from this project.  I was messing around with interactivity by moving the camera, and decided to try an infinite mirror using a Cornell box.  I think my favorite part is the reflections on the foreground spheres of the infinite mirror on the other side of the camera.

I wish it were anti-aliased, and I went back and forth on making the left wall black, but I think this is a pretty cool image.  This took less than a second to render on the GPU, which I guess could be better, but it's still a vast improvement of what the CPU implementation would take.

Anywho I am going to post so many things holy crap just you wait.