Finally! Something worth posting

It seems I have been more productive in the past two days than I have been all summer.  I'm working on two projects, and I sort of just mashed them up for this post.  

My first project is to establish a "framework" that I can use for future graphics projects.  Most recently, I have been using a file loader called Assimp to read mesh files.  Then I take that data and generate a data structure to represent that mesh.  

My other project involves computer vision.  Right now I am fighting with openCV (Open Computer Vision Library).  It has generally been winning, but I recently squeaked out a victory.  I'm using some built in functionality to look at a checkerboard, and calculate the position and orientation of a camera.

SO, how do these things fit together? Well I wanted to make a post, but not one for each project.  So I thought I would rotate a mesh in my framework using the rotation matrix of the camera from the second project.