Aztec (CIS277) - Take 1

Aztec was the final project for the introductory graphics course here at Penn.  It involves implementing some of the features of a polygon mesh editor.  The work was split into 3 roles, mine being the geometer.  For info on the other two roles, check out the blog dedicated to this project.
The main project for the geometer was to implement the Catmull-Clark method for subdivision.  Below you can see a unit cube after running this algorithm 1, 2, and 3 times.
Input Cube 1 Subdivision 2 Subdivisions  3 Subdivisions

To expand upon that, I also worked on two mesh functions that I particularly like: extrude and edge loop.
Edge Loops Extrusion
I also worked a lot on selecting the different components of the mesh: faces, edges, and vertices.